italian singer Alberto Ciccarelli
canto d'amore­­ - SING OF LOVE


Classical music is one of the highest forms of culture and spirituality. Alberto with penetration performs classical lyric and operatic works, as well as modern "neo-classics".

ITALIAN ESTRADE     70-80-90

Italian pop music is loved all over the world due to its melodic, buoyant and beautiful language. The songs of those years are still popular and loved by listeners of all generations.

WORLD HITS "Golden collection"

World hits of all time for different categories of listeners. The most vivid modern melodies or favorite songs of the past.


Romantic, touching and passionate Italian serenades. Playful music from movies, favorite folk art. Neapolitan songs are pearls of song lyrics.

Music is our common human experience. Music brings together, unites, because it speaks the universal language. It is a spirit and almost mystical inspiration with which you can approach the Divine and fight for changes in reality. Music can awaken fraternal feelings and Love uniting all people. Those who appreciate good music know how to know the truth. Are you a listener of classical music or rock music, do you like opera or pop - the main thing is to love music, because it helps us to love ourselves and the world around us!

A trip to the musical heart of Italy!

Italy is a country of high culture and art! Italian songs are loved all over the world, these are world hits of the most famous performers. They are loved and we have in Russia. The heyday of the popularity of Italian pop music came in the 80s, but the history of Italian music and Italian song does not begin in the 80's. years, but goes into the depths of centuries! It is this, the true music of Italy, rich in history and tradition, inspired and sublime by Alberto Ciccarelli to listeners! The singer performs works that once touched him to the depths of his soul. He conveys to the viewer all the feelings that he feels at the same time. Each concert of Alberto is a certain story, a small life that a person lives with, experiencing a lot of emotions and the most incredible sensations.Live performances of the singer is an incredible exchange of energy of the artist with the audience. The programs of his concerts send the listener on a journey through the amazing and beautiful world of Italian music and are accompanied by the singer's stories about the history of songs, authors, traditions of Italy.


Music is not only a way to get away from reality, but also an active tool to act on it and change it.